“Leadership isn’t an art.
  It’s a science.”

Friederike Fabritius
Neuroscientist. Keynote speaker.
Award-winning author.

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The Leading Brain

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Leadership isn't an art. It's a science. The Leading Brain employs cutting-edge neuroscience to help you improve performance, enhance creativity, and increase job satisfaction.

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Making tough decisions more quickly and effectively, mastering your emotions, achieving peak performance, fostering teamwork and trust, breaking old bad work habits and adopting new and more productive ones. Let's face it: There are literally thousands of books available on these topics. Yet nearly all of them lack what The Leading Brain provides: a firm grounding in the newest findings from the exciting field of social cognitive neuroscience.

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Unlike many business books, which freely dispense the latest fly-by-night fads and fashions in leadership and management, The Leading Brain uses solid science-based data to support strategies, tips, and techniques that are proven to perform in the workplace.

The Leading Brain starts with a single, powerful idea: To work well yourself and with others, you need to start by understanding how your brain works.

The culmination of years of experience in both science and business, The Leading Brain draws heavily on the expertise of neuropsychologist, management consultant and veteran executive coach Friederike Fabritius, as she combines her considerable knowledge both of the brain and of what makes top executives succeed in a form that manages to be accessible, actionable, and entertaining.

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Friederike has the rare talent to convey a complex, scientific topic with childs-ease and engage and inspire her audience. It is always a pleasure to hear her present her theories and how these can be brought to life in the business world to drive our brains to top performance. It was an honour to have her give a keynote at our GSA Partner Meeting.

— Julie Linn Teigland, EMEIA Area Manager, EY

When I think of all the positive feedback and interested questions from the audience, I realize that when you conveyed your message of team collaboration, you did more than simply engage our senior executives on a personal level, you gave them something that is both inspiring and truly useful. Your words will help us on our road to achieving a cultural change. My heartfelt thanks for your contribution!

— Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger, former CEO, thyssenkrupp
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Friederike Fabritius answering questions and delivering keynotes

Fun, Fear, and Focus

The neurochemical recipe for achieving peak performance whenever you need it.

The Secret DNA of Peak Performance

A trio of chemicals in your brain holds the key to performing at your best.

Taking Control of Your Life

What brain-based techniques can you use to take better control of your life?

Rethinking Maslow's Hierarchy

Why Maslow's famous pyramid model is memorable but wrong.

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Talks at Google: Fun, Fear, and Focus

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Why counting to 100 can be harder than you think. And how the answer will improve your overall performance. Author and Neuroleadership expert Friederike Fabritius talks about the region of your brain that holds the key to innovation and about another region that sometimes gets in the way.

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Leadership in Action: Friederike Fabritius

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Author, neuropsychologist, and leadership expert Friederike Fabritius joins Leadership in Action hosts Mike Useem and Jeff Klein to discuss how neuroscience is profoundly changing the methods and practices that businesses will be using for leadership training and development.

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Strategies for Achieving Peak Performance

Author and Neuroleadership expert Friederike Fabritius chats with CBS news analyst Jill Schlesinger about using solid neuroscientific findings to develop new methods and practices for leadership development.

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Best Business Books 2017: Management

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The Leading Brain, co-authored by neuropsychologist and leadership expert Friederike Fabritius, has been named one of the top business books of 2017 by strategy+business, a prominent business magazine and Web site that focuses on management issues and corporate strategy.

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The Secret DNA of Peak Performance

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The specific formulas for optimal performance may differ from one person to another, but they all share the same three key ingredients.

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Fostering Contented Teams

A watchful monkey and a hungry lab technician combined to radically change our perception of what brings teams together, and what drives them apart. The now famous discovery of mirror neurons started out as a mistake, but its ramifications have the potential to revolutionize the workplace. In this presentation, I'll start with the story of this happy accident and then explain how it can alter the course of effective leadership. You'll learn

  • What you as a leader can do to make team members feel they are valued
  • Why the brain craves certainty and why uncertainty can be perceived as a threat
  • The number one characteristic for improving mood and reducing stress
  • How to strengthen connections between you and the members of your team
  • Why fairness trumps money for most people and how it should affect your leadership strategy
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Friederike Fabritius answers questions about the nexus of neuroscience and leadership

What three neurochemicals lead to peak performance?

Although dopamine, noradrenaline, and acetylcholine are what you need for peak performance, I have developed a friendlier framework to make things easier to remember: It's Fun, Fear and Focus.

When you have fun with the task at hand, that is, when you really enjoy what you are doing, you release dopamine. Dopamine makes your brain more efficient, helps you learn better, and allows your prefrontal cortex, the region of the brain for rational and analytical processing, to function better.

After fun, there's fear, which releases noradrenaline. And when I say "fear," I'm not talking about... continued→

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